As the preferred authorised service agent and accredited repairer for many major air conditioning brands, we have seen majority of breakdowns occur as a result of installation errors.  As fully qualified, licensed and insured air conditioning and refrigeration mechanic’s we understand well the importance behind adhering to manufacturer’s installation and specifications. So often we see jobs that have not been installed as per manufacturer’s guidelines. Not following manufacturer’s installation and specifications can lead to:

  1. Voiding of any Warranty
  2. Tripping your power supply.
  3. Allowing gaps for rodents and reptiles to access wiring- not covered under warranty.
  4. Paying money for air conditioning units that never run efficiently. 

Whilst you may save a quick dollar or two from having your electrical friend install it for you in the long run it will undoubtedly cost you more. How do we know? We see it time and time again. Don’t forget Local Air is the preferred service agent and repair technician for many of the leading brands! We get called frequently to attend such jobs!

We understand that investing in air conditioning can be a big outlay financially, as can servicing and repairing units. By investing in Local Air, you are investing in industry experts, leading professionals, fully licensed and qualified technicians from your local community that will adhere to manufacturer’s instructions and specifications which aids to protect your product warranty. You’re also getting connected with professionals who can continue to service the product and conduct any warranty or non-warranty repair work. Local Air technicians are BIG on customer service- we’ll even clean up and take away any mess!

We love to keep our clients happy! 

We know in keeping our clients cool, warm and dry as the seasons change with offering the best product efficiencies (particularly cost efficiencies) available makes for a more comfortable life.

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