Helpful Industry Tips

  • Be sure to check your remote-control batteries are operational (and in the remote J) before calling and paying for a call out fee!
  • If you notice your air conditioner is making a sound or displaying a fault code write down the code or take a small video recording on your phone. You may be able to share this with the technician prior to them coming out- it may assist with their diagnosis.
  • Important: Always be sure to have a Full Licenced ARC tick technician to handle refrigerant and undertake any service work on your air conditioners or refrigeration.
  • Always look for the ARC tick symbol and check your technician has a FULL (not part) Licence.
  • (insert the ARCtick logo Pic plus the web address where you can look up to see if your technician is licensed)
  • It’s important to make sure you do not opt for a cheap installer. Air conditioners have ozone depleting (ODP) and Global warming (GWP) gases inside them. Not only can these gases hurt the environment but the loss of gas when being installed will also affect the proper running and efficiency of your unit.
  • If you are having a new air conditioning unit installed be sure to ask for your compliance certificate – all air conditioners MUST have refrigeration and electrical certificates logged by Law.
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