Fix it yourself

A/C not working? Don’t waste your money it maybe simple!

Send us the details and we’ll diagnose it for you for free!

  1. Simply include Make and Model number of the indoor unit (usually located on the side or underneath) Example Make: Fujitsu, Model Number ASTA24LDC

2. Give details of what the unit is or isn’t doing.

3. Provide any details of lights flashing on the indoor unit eg. cooling flashes 5 times, Heating flashes twice, flashing stops briefly then the same lights flash again, or green is flashing twice red light once or light continually flashing fast/slow etc. etc.

From this we can usually tell if it needs a professional or its something you can fix yourself.

Before you send your inquiry checklist. (All this information can help to get you going again A.S.A.P)

  1. Are the filters clean?
  2. Have you tried turning it off for 10 minutes at the fuse box and back on again?
  3. Do you have it set correctly at the remote control heat/cool/fan. *Note- the cooling and heating icons (pictures) on the remote can look very similar!
  4. is the temperature on the remote set to its lowest setting on cooling or highest setting for heating (depending on season)?
  5. Does the A/C work on fan only? *Note- if you don’t have a fan only function you can simply set the A/C to cool on high speed fan and turn the temperature all the way up to around 30 deg.
  6. Is the A/C losing power or tripping the circuit breaker?
  7. Is the A/C dripping water?
  8. Is the A/C making any noises?
  9. Is there any smells coming from the A/C
  10. How old is the unit and who installed it?
  11. You get what you pay for. Believe it or not some air conditioners are only rated to work below 38 degree Celsius ambient or outdoor temperature and the position of your outdoor unit depends heavily on this. Not all air conditioners are designed for the Australian climate (Most are manufactured in Asia and designed in Europe (and if you have ever experienced a European summer you would know its nothing like what we have here) If you put your Outdoor unit (condenser) of your split system Air Conditioner on the roof for instance it can be exposed to temperatures above 50 deg C (I know I have worked in this heat.) so your Air conditioner that is only specified by the manufacturer to work in 38 deg C is really gonna struggle.
  12. If its just not cold enough, is you Air Conditioner the right size? Unfortunately the competitive nature of the building industry has resulted in cost cutting and with the deregulation of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry to allow plumbers and electricians to install air conditioners after a short course it has resulted in new houses having air conditioners installed that are simply not big enough just so the house can be sold with Air conditioning! Measure the floor area of the room for instance a standard bedroom is can be 3 meters x 3 meters total floor area = 9 meters 3m x 3m = 9M2 To ruffly work out the size times the floor area x 200, so for an average bedroom 9m x 200 = 1800 this means 1800 watts or 1.8 kilowatts or kw is required just to maintain a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius on a 23 degree day in a room that has near perfect insulation (like an empty cool room in a butcher shop). Unless thats your thing you probably dont live in a cool room and like most people you probably have windows add 800w, TV add 200 – 800 watts, lights 10 – 50 watts maybe a computer, phone etc and of course yourself and if your lucky enough someone to share your bed with add another 1200 watts. Then take into consideration the type of external walls (brick, timber), internals walls insulation thickness, awnings, blinds and outside temperature are all factors that need to be considered when choosing the right air conditioner for your needs!      

Response time varies depending on availability but will usually be answered within 24hrs.

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