Air Conditioning Repairs

Is your air conditioning unit failing right when you need it most? We offer speedy air conditioning repairs so you can get back to feeling comfortable in no time!

At Local Air, we have 31+ years of experience fixing all kinds of problems with air conditioning and refrigeration units. There’s nothing we haven’t seen!

If you need a fast air conditioning repair, get in touch today. In the event of a breakdown, we’ll never leave you hanging.

*24/7 service available to all our contract holders. Otherwise, we offer a 48-hour turnaround for non-contract holders.
Changing the filter of the air conditioner

When Should You Call a Professional for Air Conditioner Repair?

Typical symptoms that your air conditioner needs a professional repair include:

  • Excessive noise when in use
  • Water dripping or leaking
  • No longer keeping you cool
  • Built-in functions no longer work
  • A build-up of debris (due to poor maintenance)


If you’re noticing any of these symptoms with your AC unit, get in touch with our friendly team on 0499 000 700 today.

Types of Air Conditioners We Repair

As specialist air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics, there’s not much we haven’t seen! We can work with all types of air conditioners and cooling systems, as well as all brands and models.


We are also accredited air conditioning repair agents for most of the big brands, but we can still repair any model of any brand.