Air Conditioning Services for Apartments

Apartment blocks have unique needs for air conditioning services.

At Local Air, we’re specialists in all things air con and refrigeration and can help engineer the best cooling solution for your apartment.

And, in the event of a breakdown, we’ll never leave you or your tenants hanging.

Workman servicing air conditioning or heat pump with digital tablet

Choosing the Right Air Conditioning System For Your Apartment Block

The best type of air conditioning for your apartment block will depend on a number of factors. As air conditioning engineers, we can design the ideal solution that also fits within your budget.

The types of factors we consider include:

  • Apartment sizes
  • The infrastructure needed to install specific types of AC
  • Zone control preferences
  • Your budget
  • Building rules (if any from Body Corp)
  • Unit warranty
  • Fresh air requirements
  • Australian standards

Multi-Head Split Systems for Apartments

In most cases, multi-head split air conditioning is the best option for apartment blocks. It’s often difficult to install or extend ductwork in an existing apartment block. Not to mention the cost of such a project!

This is why multi-split systems are the easiest option for most apartments. Compared to ducted or central AC systems, here’s how multi-split units compare.

Pros of Multi-Split AC Systems for Apartments

No ducting-related energy losses: Unlike forced air and ducted systems, multi-split do not experience energy losses.

Loads of design flexibility: No matter your building’s design, you can mount a multi-split unit to a wall, ceiling or window.

Customisable settings: If you’re after zone-controlled air conditioning, this can still be achieved with a multi-split system.

Quiet operation: These AC systems tend to be quiet while operating.

Subtle aesthetic: Being small, these types of AC units won’t stick out like a sore thumb in your room and they’re designed to be aesthetically pleasing in a modern home.

Cons of Multi-Split AC Systems for Apartments

Loads of maintenance: If you’re a landlord, it’s simply unavoidable that you’ll have to foot the bill of upkeep for the AC units installed throughout the building.

If there are many units installed in many rooms on many properties, it can be hard to keep track! But with Local Air, we can take care of routine AC maintenance and air conditioner repairs for you.

Cost: Multi-split systems can sometimes cost more than forced air systems. That’s why we always tailor our recommendations to your current budgets and what your apartment building needs. At Local Air, we always offer you affordable solutions!